About us

MerchPunk is a search engine focused on finding official anime merchandise directly from Japan. We currently support over 900,000 items and 52+ official stores and counting.

With MerchPunk you can:

  • Search for your favourite anime title.
  • Buy directly from official stores in Japan and get it forwarded to you across the globe using the MerchPunk shopping service. 
  • Set alerts to make sure you don’t miss out on the latest pre-orders and new products for your favourite anime.
  • Get a digital certificate of authenticity for each item you buy that confirms your ownership, the product details and provenance. 
  • Show off your collection digitally with merch you own and your wishlist 
  • Connect with other collectors and fans

Are we missing an item? Is there a store you want listed? Please email us at hello@blockpunk.net

Why did we build this? 

100s of new Japanese anime each year, the world watches at the same time thanks to streaming (Crunchy, Netflix, Funimation, Youtube, Kiss?!?) but can you buy merch at the same time in your country? Usually not. We built MerchPunk to help. We use AI and Machine Learning tech to search Japan for you. We bring life and history to each item with a digital certificate of authenticity secured on blockchain. We believe you should buy the real thing, direct from creators, then recycle. We believe each merch item has a life due to the history of who owned it before. We believe we should buy official quality then try and re-use and pass on to the next owner. We believe in digital collections with proof of ownership. 

MerchPunk was started by BlockPunk, a bunch of streaming nerds and tecchies based in Singapore and Tokyo. Our investors include Dai Nippon Printing (DNP is Japan's largest printing company) the Singapore government (through the SGInnovate fund) South East Asian venture capital firm SeedPlus, Hustle Fund, DLE Capital, and talent investor Entrepreneur First.  

$5 discount on your next pre-order if you can guess who our anime industry guests are!
Email hello@blockpunk.net