ARTFX J CODE VEIN Io snuggling up to the sword 1/7 Complete figure Online Main Store-
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ARTFX J CODE VEIN Io snuggling up to the sword 1/7 Complete figure Online Main Store-

Vendor: amiami

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: Apr 2020

Product Type: Others

Anime Title: Code Vein

Painted finished product [Scale] 1/7 [Size] Height approx. 240mm [Material] PVC, prototype teacher: Yuta Fukuya dramatic exploration action RPG "CODE VEIN" from the three-dimensional on the 1/7 scale Buddy character Io! The pedestal, which has been made into details, such as using a clear base to make the expression of blood more realistic, creates a stunning view of the dark world set in a collapsed world. It looks as if the field in the game has been cut. In addition, the “hero's one-handed sword” that Io is nestling for is pursuing realism. The expression of the used black rust is almost mistaken for real metal. The rust-free blade part changes its expression depending on the surrounding scenery and lighting angle, and it is a must-see for fans to shine. In such a dark and hard world view, Io eagerly waits for the hero to return. I looked into the distance, beautiful expressions that seemed to be thinking of the hero, delicate expressions of body jewelry, transparent colors… I was able to squeeze her charm. Like the pedestal and the one-handed sword, the expression of bandages and limbs is pursued in realism, and the movements of the toes of the toes and the expressions of the back of the hands are finished as if they were alive. Since it is a dish that can be enjoyed from any angle of 360 degrees, please enjoy the actual product. I am sure you are waiting for your return as the main character.
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