[Bonus] Megami Device × Alice Gear Aigis Azuma Azuma [Minaden] Plastic Model -amiami.jp-AmiAmi Online Main Store-
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[Bonus] Megami Device × Alice Gear Aigis Azuma Azuma [Minaden] Plastic Model -amiami.jp-AmiAmi Online Main Store-

Vendor: amiami

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: May 2020

Product Type: Others

Anime Title: Frame Arms Girl

Plastic model [Size] Height approx. 180mm * Includes pedestal (NON scale) [Set contents] Plastic model set «Enclosed bonus» Azuma Azusa exclusive gift code, prototype production: Maki Asai, Tokuho Fukumoto, Shunichi Karashima Social Game “Alice Gear Aegis ”And“ Megumi Device ”collaboration appeared! Top Actress's “Azuma Kaoru” is a plastic model with Megami device specifications! In addition, a “Present Code” is included as an enclosed bonus that allows you to receive items that can be used in the game! Fumikane Shimada is in charge of character and gear design, and Pyramid is in charge of ace suit! The body was renewed at Azuma Azuma [Kenden]. It is the first three-dimensionalization with the “Ace Suit” that has already been implemented in the game. In addition, a new SP "Senbonzakura [Four Cuts]" is included. The reprinted eyeprint by Mr. R66 will maximize the original image. "Megami Device" is a prefabricated plastic model series that can be enjoyed by attaching weapons and armor to the movable girl body. The body uses “Machinika” by Maki Asai. This time, the ace suit is reproduced based on the “New Machinika” with the proportion balance adjusted. [Accessories / Gimmick]-Comes with a gift code for Azuma Azusa, "A set of gears for Azuma Azusa, exclusive suit access black (name not yet decided), new clothes bag". -Includes 3 redesigned facial parts. -Based on the new Machinika body that Masaki Asai reviewed and adjusted all proportions, the ace suit was reproduced. -In addition to various gears that match the other color, a newly shaped "Senbonzakura [Four Cuts]" is included. You can play in various combat scenes.・ You can reproduce the "armed mode" equipped with a dedicated gear and the "elemental mode" with the gear removed by replacing the parts. -Thruster effect for flying pose and muzzle flash effect for shooting pose are included as clear parts. -3mm diameter holes arranged in each part can be used in combination with the optional MSG series, Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl series, Hexa gear series armaments. -Includes decals such as eyes and markings.
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