Diacron DA-50 Valdaros <Giganter> -amiami.jp-AmiAmi Online Main Store-
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Diacron DA-50 Valdaros -amiami.jp-AmiAmi Online Main Store-

Vendor: amiami

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: May 2020

Product Type: Blu-ray

[Size] Wardalos Majin Mode: Approx. 30cm, Wardaroid: Approx. 3cm [Set Contents] Cockpit unit x 1 body A x 1 body B x 1 arm unit x 2 weapon A x 2 weapon B x 2 weapon C X4 expansion joint parts x2 tail parts x1 booster x1 waldaroid x2 instruction manual x1 pamphlet x1, waldaros invades! On the 40th anniversary of Diacron, the first large-scale battle machine "Wardaros " of the Warder Corps boasting the largest volume in the series appears as the 50th memorable product! Multi-stage transformation from two single mechas to “Beast Mode” and even “Majin Mode”! In addition, a variety of recombination variations are possible with 20π joints placed in various places!
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