figma SSSS. GRIDMAN Akane Shinjo DX Edition [delivery after sale date]
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figma SSSS. GRIDMAN Akane Shinjo DX Edition [delivery after sale date]

Vendor: biccamera

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: Jul 2020

Product Type: Figure

Anime Title: SSSS.Gridman

I've always wanted to dream of the TV anime "SSSS. "GRIDMAN" comes a figma of "Shinjo Akane", a DX edition with many accessories! -Reproduce all the scenes in the play with figma original joint parts that are determined smoothly and quickly. ■ By using a soft material at key points, the proportions are maintained without compromising the range of motion. -The expression parts include a slightly lonely "smiley face", "smile" and "moody face". ■ In addition to "glasses" and "smartphone", "cutter knife", "bag" and "monster statue" are included. ■ Furthermore, "Pass Case", "Sit Shift Body", "Bare Feet", "Desk", "Chair", "Monitor with Alexis", "Tablet" and "Headphone Bangs" are additionally included in the DX Edition. ■ A pedestal for figma with a movable support that enables various scenes is included. * Photos may differ slightly from actual products. * Because the painting process is a manual process, there are some differences between the products. Please note. (C) Tsuburaya Pro (C) 2018 TRIGGER ・ Tetsu Amamiya / `` GRIDMAN '' Production Committee
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