Figure figma Rin Shirane "Little Armory"
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Figure figma Rin Shirane "Little Armory"

Vendor: surugaya

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: Jul 2020

Product Type: Figure

Product description: I'll definitely give it away. I am sure. From the armed JK content "Little Armory" developed by Tommy Tech, Asato's buddy "Rin Shirane" is now a figma! The figma original joint parts, which are determined smoothly and quickly, reproduce every scene in the play. By using a soft material at the key points, the proportions are maintained and the range of motion is secured. Designed to be easy to hold "Little Armory" firearms using a pull-out joint on the shoulder. Special waist parts, descenders, hooks, and ropes are prepared so that they can be displayed in a rolling pose. Use a cored cable for the rope. A 9mm caliber built-in silencer submachine gun MP5SD6 type runner kit is included. The stock is equipped with a long and short selection type, dot sight & IR aiming device. The hand guard with the fore grip attached to the banded rail is a figma accessory limited model different from those sold in the Little Armory series. She comes with two expressions, a normal face and a battle face. Comes with a handgun with weapon light that can be stored in a holster. A background for entering the descent is printed on the background paper of the product package. Includes figma pedestal with movable support that enables various scenes. [What is Little Armory "Rin Shirane"? ] One of the characters that decorate the Little Armory package, drawn by Fuyuno Haruaki. He plays a part in regional defense as a student attending a special military course at a designated defense school, "Private Koryu High School." [Set content] Figure body, battle face, handgun with weapon light, waist parts, descender, hook, rope, 9mm caliber built-in submachine gun MP5SD6 type (runner kit), dedicated pedestal [Details] Size: Height approximately 130mm Prototype production: Dragon craft Production cooperation: Max Factory * For used products, the presence of storage bags and replacement wrist holders is not guaranteed. Please note. (C) TOMYTEC
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