Figure Gd DSR-50-Haru Botan-"Dolls Front Line" 1/7 Pre-painted ABS & PVC
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Figure Gd DSR-50-Haru Botan-"Dolls Front Line" 1/7 Pre-painted ABS & PVC

Vendor: surugaya

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: Jun 2020

Product Type: Figure

Product description: Gd DSR-50. Ufufu, this name will surely be a dream. A 1/7 scale figure of the rifle doll "Gd DSR-50" from the popular smartphone game "Dolls Frontline". -Three-dimensional in the costume of spring peony in commemoration of the Lunar New Year. Her style has been recreated without exceptional style, such as a cheongsam that emphasizes it, an expression that confuses her, and a haze. In addition, the firearms, which can be said to be the basis of this work, are also made in detail. [Product Details] Size: Height approx 200mm Prototype Production: Yusuke Mazaki Coloring: Sakura Production Cooperation: Firearm Production: Dragon Craft (C) SUNBORN Network Technology Co .. Ltd. (C) SUNBORN Japan Co .. Ltd. Because it is scheduled to be released after October 2019, "Price" is shown at a tax-included price recorded at a consumption tax rate of 10%.
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