Figure Iron Man Mark 85 "Avengers: End Game" Movie Masterpiece DIECAST 1/6 Action Figure
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Figure Iron Man Mark 85 "Avengers: End Game" Movie Masterpiece DIECAST 1/6 Action Figure

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Shipping On: Oct 2020

Product Type: Figure

Anime Title: The Avengers

Product Description ■ * This product is made in a foreign country, so the release date may be postponed for a long time. In addition, the arrival time with other stores may be different due to the difference of the import distribution channel. Cancellations after booking for the above reasons cannot be accepted at all. Please make a reservation after understanding it in advance. The hot toys “End Game” has finally begun! The new powered suit “Mark 85” is developed with more advanced nanotechnology. Marvel's blockbuster action movie `` Avengers / End Game '' is available in `` Movie Masterpiece DIECAST '', which is suitable for reproducing mechanical characters by using alloy for the body! -Iron Man Mark 85 is a new 1/6 scale figure that is about 33 cm in height and more than 30 places movable, a new powered suit appearing in `` Avengers / End Game '' Three-dimensional. This item, which aims for further fidelity of the powered suit by using "alloy" for 60% of the whole, has the same range of motion as the conventional movie masterpiece, but has the original mechanical armor in the play It reproduces the texture and the heavyness that makes you feel responsive. Two types of heads are included. The first is a helmet that supports the light-up function. The second is the head of Tony Stark, who has cleared the portrait right of acting Robert Downey Jr., a new model. Armor is characterized by red and gold coloring, and has a glossy metallic paint that shines on the alloy, as well as weathering such as fine dirt and scratches. The air flap on the back of the body can be opened and closed. The lumbar armor, which is the base of the thighs, opens up to secure more range of motion for the legs. In addition, the waist has a further range of motion to achieve flexible posing. The armor of the chest is removable, so you can enjoy the mechanical modeling that is closely integrated inside. The LED light-up function emits white light in 16 places throughout the body, including the eye, chest arc reactor, and the repulsor beam emitting units of both hands. As an accessory, a Nano Lightning Refocuser that unfolds on the back of the body is included. Furthermore, it is a nice point that the forearm parts of the nano gauntlet that can move the knuckles are also attached! Infinity Stone is equipped with LED light up function, so that impressive scene can be reproduced. You can enjoy a lot of realistic battle scenes by using the replacement hand parts compatible with the repulsor beam light-up that can move up to the attached finger joint. The attached hexagonal pedestal adopts a dedicated flexible pillar that can freely change the holding position. It is a special specification designed with a movie logo etc. Of course, because it is the same scale as a conventional movie masterpiece, you can decorate it alongside your existing collection. Tony Stark-Ironman swears revenge on Thanos, who has destroyed his companions, and challenges the "end game" with the Avengers. Ironman Mark 85, the latest powered suit that has been three-dimensionalized in the innovative series "DIECAST" using alloys, can be said to be the ultimate gem that will lead us to the next level! ] Figure body, replacement head (Tony Stark), Nano Lightning Refocuser, replacement forearm parts (nano gauntlet), replacement hand parts (× 4), special pedestal [Product details] Size: Height approx. 33cm movable point: 30 places Battery used: ※ This is scheduled to be released after October 2019, "Price" is displayed at a tax-included price recorded at a consumption tax rate of 10%. * Regarding used products, we do not guarantee the existence of batteries and remaining battery power. Please be forewarned. (C) 2019 Marvel.
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