Figure METAMOR-FORCE Granzort "Mado King Granzort"
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Figure METAMOR-FORCE Granzort "Mado King Granzort"

Vendor: surugaya

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: Jun 2020

Product Type: Figure

Product Description ■ Doma Kisa Lamoon, Light, Come Out, Thou, Granzort! Celebrate! 30th Anniversary! Birth of the Supreme Granzort Released by Sentinel! A gem that incorporates movable and deformed gimmicks into a life-like balance that emphasizes the image in the play. In addition, using a part of die cast to create a sense of weight, assuming series expansion, easy-to-collect size feeling, dedicated pedestal inspired by magic circles, etc. Granzort of "Sentineliness" explosion, completed dignified! [Set contents] Figure body, replacement wrist, Eldikaiser, pedestal [Product Details] Size: Height approx. 145mm / Battle mode, Height approx. 105mm / Face mode Design: Zhao Ping Lai Coloring: Hayakawa Yoji (Sentinel) ※ This is October 2019 Because it is scheduled to be released after March, "Price" is shown at a tax-included price recorded at a consumption tax rate of 10%. (C) Sunrise R
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