Figure NXEDGE STYLE <MASHIN UNIT> Genryu Maru "Majin Hero Wataru Seven Souls Ryujin Maru"
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Figure NXEDGE STYLE Genryu Maru "Majin Hero Wataru Seven Souls Ryujin Maru"

Vendor: surugaya

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: Jun 2020

Product Type: Figure

Product Description 忍 A green dragon demon reminiscent of the Genie Maru, a shinobi dragon genie carrying a “phantom”. The wings on the back not only move like a binder, but also carry a gimmick that becomes a “Genryu Major Backword”. Also comes with a hand-held "Blue Dragon Sword". The “marbles” on the shoulders are reproduced with radiance in the color of metallic orange. Wings on the back move like a binder. You can also combine them on your back and carry them as a "Genryu Major Back Sword". The "Genryu Major Uraken", reminiscent of Genshin Maru's "Genhan Shuriken", is detachable and can be equipped as a hand-held weapon. It can be used for a variety of action poses, such as throwing and setting up as a defense wall. The sole of the sailor's tabi is equipped with a hidden sword "Genrai Katana". The kick pose that is protruding is also determined. [Set contents]-Figure body-Replacement wrist left and right-Blue dragon sword-Genryu major back sword-Exclusive STAGE set [Product details] Size: Height approx mm (C) Sunrise R
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