Figure Riobot AFC-01H Regios Eta "Genesis Armor Mospeada" 1/48 Action Figure
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Figure Riobot AFC-01H Regios Eta "Genesis Armor Mospeada" 1/48 Action Figure

Vendor: surugaya

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: Jun 2020

Product Type: Figure

Product Description ■ 1/48 scale Completely deformed “Regios Eta” appeared! Commercialized Eta, the commander of the AFC-01 Regios, a flagship variable fighter of the Second Earth Recapture, in 1/48. Fighter aircraft form Completely transformed into three forms: Armo fighter, intermediate form of fighter and humanoid armor diver, humanoid robot form Armor Soldier. The deformation mechanism has been reviewed to achieve unprecedented deformation. The special feature is that the cockpit is stored in the chest and moved under the head in an armor soldier state. In the form of a fighter, the legs are greatly contracted and reproduce a small, natural form. Also comes with a mini-size movable riding suit, which expands the range of play by taking advantage of the scale, such as riding in the cockpit. [Set contents] Figure body, beam cannon, mount parts, missile pod, 1/48 riding suit (movable type), 1 / 48VR-052F, pedestal [Product details] Size: At the time of armo fighter: Total length of about 210 mm / at the time of armo diver : Top height 110mm / Armo Soldier: Top height 160mm Material: ABS, PVC, PA, POM, Diecast Design: Keiichiro Maeno (T-REX) Finisher: Yoji Hayakawa (Sentinel) (C) Tatsunoko Pro
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