GIJOE Pretty Lady Jay 1/7 Complete Figure Online Main Store-
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GIJOE Pretty Lady Jay 1/7 Complete Figure Online Main Store-

Vendor: amiami

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Shipping On: Apr 2020

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Painted finished product [Scale] 1/7 [Size] Height approx. 235mm (including pedestal) [Material] PVC, prototype production: Heroes of the world's first action figure series of Takashi Tokushima (Busuji Max) Hasbro And various characters of the evil army "Cobra" who plans to conquer the world have been reborn in Kotobukiya's BISHOUJO series! The third lineup consists of agents "Lady J" from the team "GIJOE" consisting of experts from all over the world. For this product, Shinya Yamashita has drawn concept art just for this figure! A specialist in covert operations that specializes in covert operations and secret work that is performed without being detected by the enemy, and that blends into the infiltration destination with its excellent language skills and body language! Her special equipment “Power Javelin” and a surveillance (surveillance) camera are also included as well as the original action figure. This time I wore a basic olive drab coverall to express her sneaking in on her own without using advanced technology. Despite the simple cloth clothes, the details of wrinkles and sagging are overflowing, the camera that is diagonally hung, and the shape that balances the cuteness of the armor cap is the same. The prototype is Mr. Takamaki Toshima (BUSUJIMAX) who expands the field of activity with its refined sense and high molding power! Realize the definitive edition with precise and beautiful finish by digital sculpting. It is possible to change to a blister package style box package at that time with a special header attached.
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