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Hexa gear early governor Vol.3 1/24 kit block-amiami.jp-amiami online main store-

Vendor: amiami

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: Apr 2020

Product Type: Blu-ray

Anime Title: Frame Arms Girl

Kit block [Scale] 1/24 [Size] Height approx. 71mm [List of set contents] Early governor Vol.3 main body x 1 head 4 types x 1 set PVC wrist parts 4 types for each left and right assault rifle A × 1 Attachment Rifle A Attachment Rifle B (with Grenade Launcher) × 1 Assault Rifle B Attachment × 1 Handgun × 1 Archive Card × 1, Prototype Production: Yunosuke Maruya, Keita Misono Appeared. The head is shaped with more emphasis on realism than before, and you can choose your favorite type from 4 types of head variations. The joint structure of each part is designed through technical feedback from the Frame Arms Girl Hand Scale Torpedo, and 22 parts of the body are movable. The attached rifle and handgun can be attached to the back "Hexagram connector" using a special attachment. [Product specifications] ■ Although it is a small size with a total height of 71mm, "22 locations throughout the body" can be moved. ■ 4 types of unpainted heads are included, and you can choose your favorite type from "wearing a beret", "wearing earmuffs", "wearing shooting glasses", and "not wearing shooting glasses". ■ 4 types of wrist parts, "grip hand", "handle", "span", and "hand sign", are attached to the left and right and can be enjoyed in various situations. ■ There are three types of weapons: "Hand Gun", "Assault Rifle A (Bull Pry Fully)" and "Assault Rifle B (with Grenade Launcher)". ■ Two types of assault rifles can be mounted on the back "Hexagram connector" by attaching the attached special attachment. ■ "Hexagram connector" can be played with acrobatic poses by attaching a hexagram made of PVC to the hexagear mini flying base.
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