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METAMOR-FORCE Mado King Granzort Online Main Store-

Vendor: amiami

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: Jun 2020

Product Type: Blu-ray

[Size] Battle mode head height: 145mm, Face mode head height: 105mm [Material] ABS, PVC, PA, POM, diecast [Set contents list] Figure body replacement wrist Eldikaiser pedestal, Design: Zhao Pinglai Finisher: Hayakawa Yoji (Thousand Value) “Granzot” appears in the “METAMOR-FORCE” series developed by Thousand Value Training! A gem that incorporates movable and deformable gimmicks in a life balance that emphasizes the image in the play. In addition, some die casts are used to create a sense of weight, a sense of size that is easy to collect, assuming a series development, and a special pedestal that resembles a magic camp, and a grand explosive granzort has been completed!
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