No Game No Life White 1/7 Complete Figure Online Main Store-
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No Game No Life White 1/7 Complete Figure Online Main Store-

Vendor: amiami

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: Apr 2020

Product Type: Others

Anime Title: No Game No Life

Pre-painted PVC [Scale] 1/7 [Size] Height: approx. 155 mm, Prototype production: Sho Kojima A world where everything in this world is determined by a simple game-set on the world of the board (disboard), reality In the world, Hikikomori's genius gamer “u3000u3000” becomes the savior of human races! ? From the popular TV anime “No Game No Life”, one of the gamer brothers and sisters “u3000u3000”, the empty sister, “White” is the first three-dimensional! The fluffy rainbow-colored hair that is eye-catching is accentuated by the red color of the shadow and expresses the distinctive colors in anime. Her favorite “chess” motif, such as a piece in her hand and a chess board-like pedestal, is also studded. Please pay attention to the fine shapes such as the crown of gold and the knee high. Sitting a little on the chess board and enjoying the cute and mysterious atmosphere of the genius girl “White” who pinches the chess pieces.
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