Pop! K RETURN OF KINGS 8 pieces 1BOX
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Pop! K RETURN OF KINGS 8 pieces 1BOX

Vendor: hobbystock

Sale End Date: 31 Mar 2020

Shipping On: Apr 2016

Product Type: Others

Anime Title: K: Return of Kings

Pop! "K RETURN OF KINGS" appeared in the series! Characters of "K RETURN OF KINGS" appear in the new style of strap-type accessories "Pakutam!" The lineup includes eight types: Isana Sha, Kuro Yatogami, Takashi Suo, Izumo Kusanagi, Misaki Hatta, Reiji Munakata, Saruhiko Fushimi, and Bisui Ryu. Two different expressions are drawn on the front and back of each character's face, so please switch back and enjoy the day! * This product is scheduled to be sold in advance at an event held in March 2016. ■ All 8 types ■ PVC strap type trading rubber accessories ■ Size: Approx. 60mm (Slightly different depending on the character)
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