[Prepayment bank transfer only] Evangelion first machine concept by Josh Nizzi-amiami.jp-Amiami Online Head Office- - merchpunk
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[Prepayment bank transfer only] Evangelion first machine concept by Josh Nizzi-amiami.jp-Amiami Online Head Office-

Vendor: amiami

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: Nov 2020

Product Type: Blu-ray

Anime Title: Evangelion

[Size] Height approx. 67.5cm, Width approx. 40.4cm, Depth approx. 48.7cm [Material] Polystone (uses some other materials) [Others] Built-in LED light-up function on the head, with overwhelming detail and size “The Ultimate Diorama Master Line” which reproduces a realistic scene as if the scene was cut out as it is by Prime 1 Studio that surprises figure fans. The first run of Eva from concept art by Josh Nizy was run up as a new work in the “Evangelion New Theatrical Version” series! The mechanical details full of originality are precisely reproduced using 3D 3D modeling to detail. The green paint part, which has become a phosphorescent specification, and the metallic paint that makes you feel heavy overall, perfectly blends with the style and gives off a unique presence. The head of the LED livetop is built in, creating a realistic appearance of the first “runaway” machine. Dragging with your left hand is the damaged fourth apostle. Its half was designed in a fresh and biological way as opposed to Eva. Of course, focus on the “diorama master line” based on the scene, and the base! The destroyed 3rd New Tokyo City Power Plant and the crashed aircraft (VTOL) were as powerful as if a scene had been cut out. * Be sure to use a pedestal to prevent falling. Overseas products tend to be postponed for a long period of time or are more likely to be withdrawn than domestic products. Due to differences in import distribution routes, arrival times with other stores may differ. In addition, even if there is a pain in the package at the time of arrival at our store, the manufacturer can not be replaced, so please refrain from ordering if you care about the package status.
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