Variable Action Hi-SPEC New Century GPX Cyber Formula SIN 凰 呀 Online Main Store-
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Variable Action Hi-SPEC New Century GPX Cyber Formula SIN 凰 呀 Online Main Store-

Vendor: amiami

Sale End Date: N/A

Shipping On: May 2020

Product Type: Figure

Painted finished product model [Scale] 1/18 [Size] Approx. 30cm [List of set contents] Main unit pedestal, Design: Noritori Kuwahara [KuWa] Coloring: Takashi Mukaiyama, Gaia Notes, Inc. Variable Action Hi-SPEC "New Century" "XAN-21" from GPX Cyber Formula SIN is commercialized with the supervision of Satoshi Shigeta's mechanical drawing director! Complete transformation without replacement in five modes: circuit mode, mirage turn mode, aero mode, aero boost mode, super aero boost mode. With a variety of aero parts and boost pods, bending of tires, turning of the steering wheel, opening and closing of the canopy, etc., it is possible to reproduce the dramatic scenes in the play with amazing gimmicks everywhere without breaking the proportions. The cockpit details are also faithfully reproduced. Die-casting parts are used, combined with a profound feeling of paint, giving off the overwhelming presence of the kite. From the viewpoint that an auger exists as a real vehicle, we repeatedly discussed with Shigeta Mechanical Drawing Director and made it thoroughly. Please pick up and enjoy it.
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